Home Security

At 4-Way Safety, we understand that the residents of Seattle and Tacoma, WA may have significant concerns regarding their home security. We provide numerous security solutions to address these concerns.


More Likely for Homes to Be Broken Into Without a Security System


Home Burglaries are Reported Each Year in the U.S.


Of All Burglaries are Residential Break-Ins


Have Peace of Mind

Customers living in Seattle and Tacoma, WA will receive security solutions designed explicitly for them. Our team will handle everything from installation to monitoring. We will also provide you with a system that is easy to use remotely so that you can access your system from anywhere.

Surveillance Cameras
We provide state-of-the-art surveillance cameras throughout your home. We will identify areas of your home in which you’re vulnerable and install cameras that will give crystal-clear images. These cameras could potentially deter an intruder or provide valuable evidence to authorities.

Installation and Monitoring
After working with you to come up with a design, we’ll install your new security system. Before leaving, we will ensure you know how your new system works. Then, we will check in periodically to ensure there are no issues with your system.

Touch Screens and Remote Control
We provide customers with an application that they can use on their smartphone, tablet, or computer. This application features touchscreen technology and a remote control. This gives users complete control over their security system, no matter where they are.

Wireless Sensors
With our home automation solutions, you are connected to your security system remotely. We will install sensors in your home that will trigger a notification on your phone or tablet whenever motion is detected on your property. With live look-ins, you can see who is on your property.

Doorbell Cameras
No longer will you have to answer the door without knowing who’s there. As a part of our security package, we offer doorbell cameras. Now you can see things such as who delivered a package or who is knocking at your door.

Environmental Sensors
Maintaining the safety of your home concerns much more than just intruders. We also install ecological sensors that can trigger alarms were something to go wrong. For example, if excess moisture is detected in or around your home, you’ll receive an alert.

Access Control
Allowing the right people into your home is just as important as preventing intruders. 4-Way Safety will install an access control system in your home to ensure that you have complete control over who enters and who leaves.