CPR and First Aid Training

If you’re a resident living in Seattle and Tacoma, WA, you should consider taking preventative measure to keep your family safe. An excellent way to do so is with CPR and First Aid Training.


Of Cardiac Arrest Occur in the Home


Increased Chance of Survival from Immediate CPR

Less Than 8%

Of Cardiac Arrest Victims Outside the Hospital Survive


Learn How to Respond in an Emergency

4-Way Safety can provide family members access to a CPR and first aid training course. This course helps teach the fundamentals of how to handle an emergency situation when someone is injured or nonresponsive. Taking the time to learn these tools could one day save a life.

Completely Free
With a background as first responders, we believe that everyone should receive CPR and first aid training. That’s why our classes are free with the purchase of any of our products. Yes, you read that correctly. We do not charge anything extra for our CPR training course.

On-Location Training
If you live in the Seattle and Tacoma, WA area, we will come to you. CPR and first aid training at your doorstep help reduce the inconvenience of having to travel to a third-party location. We work with you to come up with hours that will best fit your schedule.

Develop Life-Saving Skills
Whether you’re at home or in public, you never know when disaster may strike. When it does, it’s critical that you are prepared. Being prepared could, quite literally, be the difference between life and death. Is this a chance you’d like to take?

First Aid Training
Even if you do not find yourself in a life or death situation, you may see yourself in a position where someone requires first aid. Learning these techniques could make you an asset in these situations and a valuable member of your community.

Free Home Safety Assessment
In addition to our CPR and first aid training programs, we will also provide a free home safety assessment. Our experienced team of technicians can evaluate your property to identify areas in need of improvement so that you could potentially avoid a crisis.

Expert Instructors
One of the things that we are most proud of is our team of instructors. Our instructors have spent years as first responders. This has provided them with invaluable experience. With a passion for teaching, our instructors loving passing their knowledge on to others.